My week as part of the Extend PR and Marketing team!

My week as part of the Extend PR and Marketing team!

Having only studied Marketing for one year at university, gaining work experience in my chosen field helped to put all of my studies from the year into perspective and helped me to understand why we studied the modules we did.

During my time at Extend PR and Marketing I was welcomed and immediately felt part of the team as soon as those first day nerves had been kicked out of the door! I was set several tasks over the 3 days that I was working for Extend and I can assure you it wasn’t like year 10 high school work experience, when the only thing you learned was how to juggle a tray of mugs and open doors without spilling any tea and finally being able to use the photocopier without getting it jammed every time you tried to photocopy something.

Day One- I was involved in the team meeting, received social media training (which was very beneficial and interesting) and I was also led through the design process.

Day Two – I had been asked to come up with some ideas and do some research for a new business project that Extend are working on. It was interesting to learn about some other companies and their designs and it was exciting being able to put my own opinions and views into the project.

Day Three – Having been set the task of writing a press release, it was fair to say this was rather daunting as I have never done one before! After being given a brief and some templates to work from I dived into the deep-end and took a shot at writing a draft press release based on the project I had been working on. After what felt like a lifetime of coming up with ways that sentences worked together to get the point across in as few words as possible, I had finally finished my first draft press release!

Looking back at the tasks I had worked on whilst at Extend PR and Marketing I feel that I have come away with new knowledge and feel a lot more confident about applying for a placement year at university. I think that given a chance to do anymore work experience I would definitely jump at the opportunity, as I think it is essential in helping to understand the subject by having experience in a real life company. I also feel that having completed work experience even though only for a short period of time, it will make my 2nd year at university a lot easier as I can understand and apply my experience to the modules that we will be studying! I definitely advise anyone thinking about completing work experience to jump at the chance! Thank you Extend PR and Marketing for giving me the opportunity to take work experience with yourselves!!

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