Leading dentist warns of effects of stress on teeth

Leading dentist warns of effects of stress on teeth

The start of a new year is traditionally a time when people resolve to improve their health, enhance their lifestyle, change career or address their work-life balance.

However according to The Priors Dental Practice, a simple trip to the dentist can identify another potential health issue that could be leading to migraines, headaches and a host of other symptoms without you even knowing.

Figures from the NHS show that six million people in the UK suffer from bruxism; the medical term for grinding your teeth and associated symptoms. Studies show that 70% of those suffering from the condition do so as a direct result of stress or anxiety, with work related stress being the most common.

Symptoms of bruxism look out for

Headaches, migraines and facial muscular pain can all be a sign of bruxism. Dr Mark Emms, principal dentist at The Priors Dental Practice explains: “A lot of people don’t understand how and why stress can impact on your teeth. It is often a subconscious action that takes place at night time when people are sleeping. However there are a number of tell-tale signs that you suffer with Bruxism. These include clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth and you’ll possibly notice that the surface of your teeth is different from wearing them down with grinding. You may even be breaking your teeth by clenching”

Dr Emms cautions: “Regular, persistent teeth grinding can cause joint pain in the jaw and discomfort in the head and neck area. In addition, the damage can impact the teeth enamel and wear down the teeth.

We all have such busy lifestyles and you may be tempted to ignore the signs of bruxism. You may even be totally unaware that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, and wondering why you seem to suffer persistent headaches. However, seeking treatment as soon as possible will limit the damage to your teeth and help your wellbeing improve.”

Early morning dental check up appointments on offer

If you think you may be suffering with the effects of bruxism, contact The Priors Dental Practice on 01785 712388 to make an appointment. For busy professionals, we offer an 8am consultation service so you can call in before work.

The Priors Dental Practice welcomes new patients. Our nationally renowned practice can be found at Pinfold Lane in Penkridge, or visit www.thepriorsdentalpractice.co.uk

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